KLNIK offers a variety of aesthetic treatments for eyes. Whether that’s signature injectables with Dr Rosh or radio frequency and HIFU with the Consultants. There’s a variety of options to suit each individuals needs. It is important to have a consultation to determine the best course of action. KLNIK offers anti-ageing eye treatments such as Botox to soften lines, tear trough filler to lift and brighten the under eyes. As well as ZO Zen Obagi product range to lighten the skin, and finally Ultherapy or Radio Frequency to stimulate collagen and reduce signs of ageing for a longer lasting approach. If you are looking for a solution to dark circles around the eyes or cosmetic eye treatments to aid with under eye bags and sagging skin book a consultation online to speak with our experts.
Anti-Wrinkle Injections
Botulinum toxin is a muscle relaxing medicine, which is injected into the muscles around the upper facial lines to relax them or to soften their appearance.