Helipads and magic mirrors: inside the UK’s most exclusive beauty clinic

Helipads and magic mirrors: inside the UK’s most exclusive beauty clinic
t’s not often that I leave the confines of W8, but when an invitation drops on my doorstep to spend the day at the UK’s most exclusive wellness and aesthetics clinic, I’m on a train up to Cheshire quicker than you can say WAG. It might be set within the grounds of ‘The Colony’ in Wilmslow – land of flash houses, flash cars and the ubiquitous marble island – but KLNIK is as far from The Real Housewives of Cheshire as it gets. The £3.2million state-of-the-art clinic founded this year by lifelong friends – cardiologist Dr Rosh and Dr Majid – provides a holistic approach to the world of aesthetics and wellness that encourages beauty from within. On arrival I am shown into the waiting area by the front of house team, led by Laura. It feels like I’ve walked into a tranquil Far Eastern retreat with flowers, living moss walls and wood high back chairs – there’s not a shag pile carpet in sight. Every aspect of the clinic feels expensive. Upstairs is a fabulous light installation and emerald green velvet sofas from Timothy Oulton. It also takes the privacy of its clients very seriously.
A consultation area at KLNIK. (KLNIK )
Outside there’s a helipad leading to a private back entrance, so no one can see A-List guests arrive or leave, while inside a special waiting area there’s glass windows which mist over at the touch of a button, so a client can relax in total privacy while waiting for a treatment. Of course, the identity of famous KLNIK clients is a closely-guarded secret, but along with skin and body treatments many fly in from overseas for the cutting edge hair transplant procedure on offer from ARTAS Robotic. Today I’m trying out the Hydrafacial and Dermlux treatment followed by latest anti-ageing therapy Ultherapy. I am introduced to Dr Rosh who is serious about what he is trying to achieve and why he chose this address in Cheshire
The KLNIK spa interior has views of the gardens. (KLNIK )
“When the space at The Colony became available, I knew I had to take it as it’s the perfect environment which reflects my vision for KLNIK. Our members want discretion, they don’t want a shop window style clinic on a busy high-street” he says. “I have felt slightly frustrated with the aesthetics industry in the past and feel there can be a lack of medical responsibility associated with it. I always thought if I were to build a business that I would do it from a wellness perspective that would give people a new experience to aesthetics with the safety and effectiveness they would expect from the medical industry.” There’s a careful focus on mental wellbeing too. “We take health and wellness seriously and will take in to account everyone’s individual requirements before any procedures take place. For example, if we think one of our members is suffering from low self-esteem or worse, body dysmorphic disorder, we would recommend they consulted our in-house psychologist before any treatments are carried out – this is the just one of the ways we’re trying to change the face of aesthetics.” With this I’m introduced to the practice’s personal wellness trainer Kimberley Cairns, a trained psychologist, who takes a detailed medical history of me and tries to ascertain why I’m having beauty treatments and if psychologically I am a suitable candidate.
Designer sofas at KLNIK spa. (KLNIK)
When it is deemed I am of sound mind to go ahead I’m taken to one of the treatment rooms. These are white and clinical in appearance. My therapist takes a full skin analysis before beginning to work on my face. My skin is cleansed and toned before a special mask is placed on and a strong infrared light is shone on it. The light helps the skin to produce more collagen and kills off bacteria. Afterwards the skin is cleansed again, and the therapist finishes off with a light facial massage while applying my moisturiser. My skin emerges glowing and as smooth as a baby’s. After a spot of lunch provided by the clinic of quinoa and chicken salad (the clinic are also very strict on no alcohol consumption at least 24 hours before treatment to prevent inflammation and speed the healing of the skin) I’m taken to see Dr Rosh who explains Ultherapy. This treatment involves pulses of light from a laser stinging the skin. The aim of the treatment is for the laser to reach deep into the dermis to help the collagen repair itself, which in turn will cause a tightening effect. As years of looking down at my screen and phone has caused sagging under my chin I’m hoping to get a pleasing result on my neck to thwart the onset of middle age double chin. The treatment is uncomfortable at times as your skin does heat up from the laser and the shocks it emits.
KLNIK spa consultation room. (KLNIK )
But an hour later it is all over. My jawline is a slight pinkish colour which fades later in the day. I don’t notice anything immediately, but a month later the skin feels tighter and smoother. The effects of the treatment are said to last at least a year. KLNIK is also be the only clinic in Cheshire to offer the first ever long-term, minimally invasive solution to cellulite, Cellfina by Merz and offers IV therapy – unique and ground breaking vitamin cocktails to restore you to optimum health. I’ve visited some of the world’s finest spa hotels and the level of luxury and elegance offered at KLNIK rivals and in some cases surpasses them. From the its magnificent landscaped gardens to the relaxation room with its privacy glass to stop that goldfish bowl feeling you get in other clinics, KLNIK is redefining the art of aesthetics. Dr Rosh with his cardiology background made me feel safe and cared for at every point. When you become a patient, as well as Kimberley the personal wellness trainer, Kate the relationship manager is always on hand from holding patients hands during procedures to allaying any fears. She continuously follows up with you by phone to check how you are feeling and if you are happy with the results, and if there are any concerns and niggles will have you straight back into the clinic to be assessed. The results aren’t dramatic, but I didn’t want dramatic, I wanted subtle. As Dr Rosh said to me, you want to look like you’ve taken a long holiday and have that healthy happy glow that comes from resting, sleeping and eating well, and that is what he delivered. There is now no one else I would trust to touch my face. I can’t wait for next year’s visit. For more information and details of membership packages and treatments, visit www.klnik.com HYDRAFACIAL starts from £125 with an added Dermalux Brightalive Booster for £50 on top that helps brighten the skin and improve the appearance of discolouration. A course of six starts from £625.