The Love Island Edition

The Love Island Edition

As we become consumed by the compelling new Love Island 2018 series viewers have been complaining profusely. Only a week in and a wealth of complaints! They haven’t even got started yet, the language appears quite tame, there have been no major fall outs, or sexual encounters under the covers…yet!

The real debate on social media is being fuelled with shocked fans and comments surrounding the apparent ‘smoking ban’. Perhaps this years contestants just don’t smoke? With national statistics from revealing that you are most likely to smoke if you are between 18-34 years old, this is highly unlikely.

It has been speculated that the real reason that islanders are not smoking cigarettes in the villa is due to the massive number of complaints received during the 2017 series about the constant ‘chain smoking’. It is believed that ITV have banned the ‘bad habit’ across the luxury estate and grounds with smoking only being permitted in a designated discrete area where cameras do not film. This has fans taking to instagram to report this as ‘weird’ whilst another commented at being ‘livid as this is where all the kick offs, strops, bitching and secrets come out’.

The 2017 series saw non stop nicotine fixes and even the conversion of non smokers to smokers. It is believed that this influential behaviour can have widespread implications to impressional audience members. Whilst converting to a smoker may appear to be a lifestyle choice, a complex interaction of our environments and genetics play a significant role, as does being around people who are smoking.

We have an estimated 9 million smokers in the UK with 1 in 4 pregnant woman continuing to smoke throughout their pregnancy despite the known health implications for baby and mother. With cancer research statistics revealing that second hand smoking is a causal factor in 11,000 plus deaths in the UK each year. This shocking number may have influenced ITV to avoid filming smoking, rather than simply selecting contestants that do not smoke. Furthermore with the reporting that ‘1 in 3 people lack control over doing, taking or using something to the point that it could harm them’ this has further consequences to exposing, accessorising and even promoting cigarettes use of the popular TV show. To add a further point of interest, Love Islands’ 2018 first episode was host to the launch of an advert for a new product by a well known alcohol brand. With 26% of men and 12% of women being an increased risk through alcohol consumption ( The exposure to TV advertising in this way may be triggering and difficult to navigate when seeking to abstain from alcohol whilst wanting to enjoy the series.

Addiction of any kind can have detrimental consequences to health, work-life balance and our personal relationships. We have an experienced empathetic team at KLNIK to support your motivation to change and enhance your personal wellness. If you relate to this article you may wish to call your GP or contact KLNIK to discuss our bespoke Personal Wellness Modules, we understand that a balanced lifestyle enhances the best of you, which may even include watching a reality dating game show!

Take Care of Yourself, and each other

Kimberley Cairns BSc MSc MBPsS-Personal Wellness Trainer