Chin Fillers

Chin Fillers
Chin dermal filler is becoming increasingly popular at KLNIK. The chin is a prominent area on the face where ageing is hard to disguise. As we age bone density reduces and fat tissue in the face can fall, non surgical chin augmentation can help to lessen the effects through creating volume and structure, to lengthen and elongate the face. Many clients opt for jawline chin filler for an overall enhancement of their ‘side profile’, together these two areas create a seamless jawline, redefining the face and providing youthfulness and symmetry. Dr Rosh and his team of medical experts are highly experienced in facial augmentation through the use of injectables. Collectively, with over two decades in the field Dr Rosh and his team will create a natural and tailored approach to redefining the chin and jawline to improve the proportion and harmony of the chin and jawline. It is key to the profile of the face to have an expert injector for this area. to avoid over filling. Too much filler or filler injected in the wrong place can have the opposite to the desired effect, creating a bulkier and uneven profile. Dr Rosh is highly experienced in partially dissolving over full chin and jawlines, it is not always necessary to remove all filler for correction.

Why have dermal chin filler?

    • To create facial definition
    • For Profile shaping of the chin or jawline
    • Excellent for those with a genetically weaker jawline or chin
    • To aid with a sagging chin or jowls
    • It can improve the appearance of a dimpled, cleft or pebbled chin
    • To help in creating the desired ‘heart shaped face’ for some female clients
    • To detract from a double chin or other facial features such as the nose or forehead
    • It is fast, effective, with no down time and a great alternative to surgery

Why choose KLNIK for chin augmentation filler?

    • Dr Roshan Ravindran has over 17 years experience in the medical industry specialising in facial augmentation with the use of fillers. He has pioneered the way in his field to provide clients with a more natural and harmonious approach to fillers.
    • With only highly trained medics performing the treatment you will be in safe hands.
    • KLNIK uses only the best tried and tested filler from TEOSYAL® by Teoxane, specifically for the chin area Ultra Deep or RHA 4 would be used depending on the client
    • For an impressive and reliable patient journey from start to finish from our Award Winning clinic

If you would like to redefine and rebalance your chin at our state of the art clinic, speak to one of our Consultants or Medical experts today and book your FREE online or in person consultation for chin fillers Manchester or chin fillers London.

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