Hyalase Filler Correction/Dissolving

Hyalase Filler Correction/Dissolving
At Klnik Dr Rosh uses Hyalase to correct and dissolve unwanted fillers. In some cases they may have been incorrectly injected, had an adverse reaction or have given undesirable results. It is vital that a highly experienced medical professional carries out this treatment and has a high understanding of facial anatomy, this ensures the dissolving is tailored to your needs. KLNIK specialises in neutralising filler for a more natural look. We have a huge demand currently for this service as non-medical injectors are unable to prescribe Hyalase to clients.

How does filler dissolving work?

Hyalase is an enzyme naturally occurring in the body that breaks down hyaluronic acid serum (filler). Hyaluronic fillers will break down naturally over time, but this also depends on where the filler was injected, metabolism and type of filler. If you are unhappy with your filler and would rather not wait, then dissolving is a far quicker option.

What happens to the filler after dissolving?

Most of the filler is broken down in the first 2-3 days following the procedure, but your body will continue to absorb the broken filler over the next 2 weeks. Therefore, if you are choosing to re fill the area, we recommend leaving at least 2 weeks after the dissolving procedure. Various filler manufacturers can respond differently so it is useful if you let the Doctor know what filler you have had administered. It is common to need a few visits to achieve the best results.

Why choose Hyalase at KLNIK?

    • Procedure is only carried out by experienced medics
    • The process only takes around 10-20 minutes
    • Numbing cream is applied so you will feel very little
    • Skin test carried out prior
    • Begins working immediately

If you are unsure whether you would like to dissolve your filler or would like more information, book a consultation with Dr Rosh or one of our Consultants for advice and guidance.

The Results

Lips & Cheeks Hyalase Results

Lip Dissolve & Correction

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