Jawline Filler Treatment

Jawline Filler Treatment
KLNIK specialises in aesthetic jaw fillers and dermal fillers in Manchester and London. Dr Rosh and his team of medics inject thousands of patients per year, providing them with a wealth of experience in facial symmetry. Dr Rosh also has clinics in London as well as the North West, treating clients throughout the UK and is widely followed on social media due to his signature technique in injectables with countless jaw filler before and after. With over 17 years’ experience in the medical industry, Key Opinion Leader and international injectables trainer, his skills in enhancing facial aesthetics through injectables is widely recognised. Dr Rosh’s surgical background has provided him with dexterity and the ability to work intricately. Thus, balancing all aspects of the face to create a tailored symmetry, rather than over filling for a bulkier look, which we are unfortunately seeing more of. KLNIK’s approach to jawline filler is to feather the filler in to the treatment area for a more natural look. Providing you with a tailored, tightened and chiselled jawline!

Who is Jawline Filler Treatment suitable for?

    • Jawline enhancement can benefit anyone with a weak, retracted or short chin
    • Patients looking to balance their facial features
    • Those that have developed jowls through ageing
    • Clients with natural dimples along the chin and jawline
    • Creating a ‘heart-shaped’ face for a softer female jawline filler transformation
    • Men and women to create definition or distract from other facial features

Is Jawline filler suitable for male clients?

Yes! Male jaw filler is becoming increasingly popular! Jaw filler can be used to sculpt and strengthen a softer jawline into a stronger more harsh appearance that we see in many male models and celebrities more recently. With the use of jaw filler men can also have the procedure to distract from a ‘double chin’.

Why choose KLNIK to have Dermal fillers for jowls?

    • It’s a medical clinic – meaning your procedure will only be carried out by a certified Doctor or Nurse
    • Dr Roshan Ravindran has personally trained all KLNIK injectors to a high standard, so you are in safe hands
    • KLNIK only uses superior products from TEOSYAL® by Teoxane, we have over 12 types of filler used for specific areas, longevity and suitability. Unlike many clinics that use one or two for all areas
    • TEOSYAL® provides the most natural, long lasting appearance working hand in hand with the body’s cells

If you would like more information on jaw line fillers in Manchester or London, book a Free consultation online with one of our highly trained Consultants or Medics to check your suitability!

The Results

Jawline Filler Before and After Results for Female

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