Rosacea IPL Rejuvenation Treatment

Rosacea IPL Rejuvenation Treatment
Are you suffering with facial flushing, uncomfortable hot burning skin and prominent blood vessels around the cheeks and nose? KLNIK has the answer, with our gold standard M22 IPL laser we have the ability to destroy the unwanted capillaries and make your Rosacea more manageable!

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that effects adult men and woman to varying severities. It is more common in Caucasian skin types, particularly those with Celtic ancestry.

The condition causes redness in the face and sometimes the neck and chest too. Flushing can occur whereby the face feels uncomfortably hot whilst the blood vessels dilate. There are certain lifestyle changes that can help, wearing sun cream daily and creams and antibiotics to reduce blood flow to the skin, as well as avoiding ‘triggers’. If you are looking for something to help you further to a better degree, then a course of IPL will destroy the blood vessels close to the surface that are causing the issue. Making your Rosacea more manageable.

How does KLNIK treat Rosacea?

At your assessment the consultant will decide on the most appropriate course of treatment. Those with Rosacea suffer with highly sensitive skin, therefore it is important that products and treatment plan are suitable. For IPL as skin test is always carried out prior to treatment to determine suitability.

Most clients will benefit from a course of M22 IPL treatment from Lumenis. This conducted with a signature technique allows for heat to distribute into the skin, enough to destroy the redness (broken capillaries) but not enough to harm the surrounding skin. The skin will be left slightly flushed after the treatment. Many clients return to work post treatment after a cooling face cloth. Nutritional guidance may be suggested to support your treatment.

Why choose M22 IPL rejuvenation for rosacea skin care at KLNIK?

  • Non to little downtime
  • Latest IPL equipment designed just for vessel reduction
  • Over 10 years’ experience treating Rosacea
  • Up to 7 different wavelengths used to target Rosacea
  • Longer more thorough treatment time
  • LED light can be used to support healing
  • Skin will also benefit from Rejuvenation after a course
  • Fine lines, uneven skin tone, pores & sun damage will also improve

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