Hip Dip Filler in Manchester

Hip Dip Filler in Manchester

What are Hip Dips?

The scientific term is trochanteric depression. They are the indentations naturally occurring on the sides of the pelvis, just below the hip bone and cause fat and muscle tissue to cave inwards creating a hollowing effect. They vary in severity from person to person. However, many women find them unappealing, especially if they prefer to have an hour glass figure. Exercise targeting the hip area can somewhat aid in the severity but unlikely to provide a dramatic result. Hip dip fillers provide fast and effective results with minimal downtime!

What are My Options for Reducing Hip Dips?

At KLNIK Dr Rosh uses HYACorp, a hyaluronic acid filler to maximise volume and smooth indentations on the buttocks, hip dips and calves. Occasionally we may combine with Coolsculpting or Emsculpting on the surrounding areas to create a contoured, more favourable shape alongside the hip dip filler.

Why Choose HYACorp Filler at KLNIK?

HYACorp is an injectable product which stimulate your body’s own collagen and elastin development, not only providing an immediate solution but also working with the body’s natural collagen to prolong the results. The treatment is only performed by Dr Rosh, he will fill the depressions through boosting collagen production and provide a fuller look. If you are looking for a non-surgical hip dip filler in the UK, this is a great option, and much more affordable with less risks than surgery.

Benefits to Hip Dip Filler at KLNIK

    • Provides fast results in 1-2 sessions
    • Instant volume, which progressively improves
    • Non-surgical procedure
    • Natural shape
    • No scarring left behind (like surgery)
    • Customised treatment plan
    • Skin texture will also be enhanced on the area
    • Results last 2 years (varies depending on age, lifestyle etc)
    • No down time
    • Local aesthetic applied before the procedure to improve comfort


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The Results

Women's Hip Dip Filler Before After Treatment Result

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