IV Vitamins

IV Vitamins

Our cells need a maximum concentration of these essential nutrients in order for them to work most efficiently

Many people take in vitamins daily through food or supplements, but many do not realise that 15% of these active nutrients are not actually absorbed by the body. Vitamin pills are not always fully analysed for their vitamin and mineral content and often degrade in quality with age, meaning you can be unsure of what you are consuming. Our cells need a maximum concentration of these essential nutrients in order for them to work most efficiently in the body, often this can be depleted by disease, stress, exhaustion, poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle.

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Essential nutrients

The key KLNIK substances we use are vitamins, minerals, and water, all of which are classified as “Essential Nutrients”. It’s an apt name, as they are ‘essential’ for life, however, they are also nutrients that the body cannot synthesize on its own. Traditionally they were obtained from the food we eat, but modern food is often modified and over processed, leaving many of us severely deficient in these essential nutrients.

By balancing our levels through IV infusions, under the expert advice of one of our healthcare physicians, our bodies can be restored to peak fitness and maximum energy performance.”

The benefits of IV therapy

At KLNIK our IV Therapy treatments provide maximum cell absorption, helping you to fight off illness, optimise your personal goals and improve your general wellbeing – supporting your objectives in fitness, skin support, anti-ageing, detoxification and immune function and mental performance. 
IV Therapy is much more than just a beauty treatment or quick hangover remedy, the procedure can support your health effectively, improving your vitality and wellbeing as part of an overall lifestyle change.

Tailored IV therapy at KLNIK

IV therapy is a fantastic way to support your nutritional needs and bring you to optimal health. At KLNIK our team of medical doctors evaluate each patient and decide the best plan and treatment to fit their needs. All of our IV treatments have been scientifically tested and all of the intravenous protocols used have been thoroughly researched and developed by a team of leading medical doctors and biochemists. Prior to receiving IV therapy, you will receive a one-to-one bespoke consultation with Dr Rosh to discuss your medical history, outline your health goals and discuss the IV procedure.

Relaxing rejuvenation

An initial blood test will be taken by your doctor and to ensure that our treatments are safe and suitable for you, following our consultation you will then be administered a tailored IV drip containing all the essential minerals and nutrients outlined in your consultation. Our tranquil settings provide the perfect place for you to relax whilst the IV is slowly administered over a 40-minute period. Most patients enjoy this time to browse the internet, read a book, watch TV or even take a nap. Our treatments are a relaxing way to unwind and can be fitted into your lunchtime or break in your day. In addition your IV treatment can be combined with LED Phototherapy to instantly awaken a tired and dull complexion, the treatment harnesses the power of pure light to accelerate the skins natural rejuvenation process and is pain free, relaxing and suitable for all skin types.

From the moment you start your IV infusion therapy you will start to feel the positive effects of the hydration and the electrolytes. The minerals and vitamins are transported straight to your blood stream, restoring you and helping you recover from everything you put your body through day after day.

Our tailored IV Vitamins Treatments include:

  • Limitless
  • Hayfever
  • Fitness
  • Rescue
  • Mood Support
  • Jet Lag
  • Immunity Monthly
  • Energy & Mood Boost
  • After Party

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