Ultherapy HIFU Treatment Manchester

Ultherapy HIFU Treatment Manchester

As we age, collagen and elastin reduces, and this causes our skin to lose strength and elasticity

This can be particularly noticeable around the cheeks, jowls, neck and décolletage. Whilst muscle-relaxing injections are invaluable for treating overactive muscles and dermal fillers can treat loss of volume, neither of these procedures tighten the skin. Prices from £300 – £2000

Fine lines and wrinkles

As we age, our production of collagen and elastin reduces, and this causes our skin to lose strength and elasticity.  This can be particularly noticeable around the cheeks, jowls, neck and décolletage. Whilst muscle-relaxing injections are invaluable for treating overactive muscles and dermal fillers can treat loss of volume, neither of these procedures tighten the skin.

Even if you have the most rigorous skin care regime, drink 8 glasses of water per day, and get plenty of sleep, the passage of time will eventually take its toll. Specifically, over time the natural aging process will leave your face and neck areas with fine lines and wrinkles.

Why choose KLNIK ?

As a doctor-led ‘Super Clinic’, our ethos at KLNIK is to provide the safest and most premium treatment options available.  There are a variety of other ultrasound systems available, but none of them have been subjected to the rigorous FDA approval process. Ultherapy® is the leading ultrasound non-surgical lifting procedure for tighter, better fitting skin – in less than an hour and without any downtime.

Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment for lifting and tightening the skin on the face, neck, chin and brow, and improving lines and wrinkles on the décolletage. Ultherapy at KLNIK uses a tried-and-tested ultrasound technology to gradually strengthen your skin from deep within.

Furthermore Ultherapy, with its patented DeepSEE® technology, is the only system of its type that allows your doctor to visualise the tissues into which the ultrasound energy will be delivered. This ability to see the different structures of the skin enables your doctor to target the ultrasound energy precisely, allowing for a more bespoke, tailored, and comfortable treatment.

Rejuvenate your skin

Ultherapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive, no downtime, ultrasound treatment, that is clinically shown to tighten, firm, tone, contour and rejuvenate skin and deeper tissues to help naturally restore a more youthful appearance. Ultherapy utilizes a focused form of ultrasound energy to firm and tighten existing collagen and stimulate new natural collagen production.

Ultherapy delivers low levels of focused heat to just the right depth below the skin to target the deep tissues. The surface of the skin remains undisturbed but the controlled injury to the deeper layers triggers a healing response in the skin. The skin contracts and tightens immediately and, like other skin tightening procedures, Ultherapy simulates the growth of new collagen, deeper than other procedures.

During your procedure, you will be sat comfortably in our tranquil treatment rooms whilst the Ultherapy treatment is delivered via a smooth applicator. Throughout the procedure your doctor watches the applicator on the skin and the Ultherapy screen, which shows the skin layers and sub-skin layers. Each smooth applicator treats a specific skin depth, for optimum results.

The technology of Ultherapy

Your body’s response to this energy is to recondition tired skin by stimulating the growth of fresh, new collagen. The result is a tightening and gradual lifting—or shifting—of the skin back into a more youthful position and form-fitting shape. Unlike lasers, which penetrate the skin from the outside-in, the Ultherapy® procedure bypasses the surface of the skin, specifically targeting the deep, structural skin tissues where collagen lives. Using ultrasound technology, Ultherapy actually works from the inside-out to lift and tighten skin non-invasively. The overall result is beautifully and naturally lifted and tightened skin that makes you look less tired and more youthful.

Ultherapy results, for most patients, are typically visible by 3 months after the treatment but can continue to improve for up to six months. Some patients require additional treatments. The Ultherapy procedure is fast and easy, and requires no downtime from normal activities. Unlike lasers, the Ultherapy procedure can be performed on patients of all skin colour.

Combine treatments

One of the best benefits of Ultherapy is that it can be customized to meet your specific needs. For instance, the ultrasound equipment used to perform the procedure can be adjusted to alter how far down the energy is directed. In addition, the duration of the procedure can be altered. Another aspect of customization is that Ultherapy can be used in conjunction with other types of cosmetic procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections, in particular, treatments such as RADIESSE® which compliments Ultherapy perfectly.

During our one-on-one consultation, Dr Rosh will devise the perfect treatment plan for you by combining Ultherapy with injectable or resurfacing treatments to achieve your desired end result. The Ultherapy treatment is a 3 in 1 treatment that not only lifts but sculpts and fills the fine lines and wrinkles, making it far more effective in producing results than any other treatment available.

Key benefits of Ultherapy

  • Scientifically proven – stimulates new collagen and elastin
  • Lift that can last over a year.
  • Tightens skin for better tone
  • Elevates the brow, reduces hooding of the eyelids, opens up the eye area.
  • Creates a sleeker, more defined jawline, reduces jowls.
  • Restores fullness in the cheeks, lifts the nasolabial folds
  • Tightens and reduces sagging of the neck and chest
  • Minimal or no downtime
  • Natural, noticeable results without surgery
  • Treatment takes from just 30 minutes
  • Minimal downtime
  • 800,000+ treatments worldwide
  • The only US FDA cleared non-invasive lift
  • EU CE mark certified

The Results

Women's Face Before Ultherapy Treatment
Women's Face After Ultherapy Treatment
Ultherapy for Men Before
Ultherapy for Men After
Ultherapy Under Eyes Before
Ultherapy Under Eyes After

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